Sári Szász Komlós is an ecological weaver, a student of yoga + Ayurveda and steward living in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

A desire to commune with Nature and Self in soulful and practical ways led her to both the loom and land – growing food, fibre, plant dyes and herbal medicine with her beloved on 12 acres of unceded Wiradjuri country. Returning to a nature based way of life for holistic and planetary wellbeing.

Healing through traditional and ancient wisdom which honours human beings as part an intrinsic part of the natural world, has led Sari to studies in Ayurveda, yoga and birthkeeping. Bringing together ancestral skills, wise womxn ways and Vedic knowledge for the reclamation of healthy and peaceful cultures.

This dharma was revealed through various animist adventures and reflections, and an ongoing process of uncovering the following:

✷ How can textiles, farming and ancestral skills invite reciprocal relations with Nature?

✷ How can the wisdom of our bodies supported by timeless natural and ancient practices guide us to vibrant health?

✷ How do we live in ways that meaningfully repair planetary wellbeing, from Self to our wider ecological Self?

family alpacas Paco + Marina

The weaving and fibre studio is in an old apple storage shed, which the artists have been converting using recycled and natural materials. Once denuded agricultural paddocks are being regenerated using practices that centre around biodiversity, soil health and water. Sari and Kemble imagine this landscape to be a space for land-based healing and sustainable skill nurturing for others. A place of fibre and herbs and experimenting. Somewhere for bodies to gather to practice yoga and explore Ayurveda as ancient ways to reconnect and find stability, so we can use our well being in service to our sacred work and in service to social + environmental justice.

// unfortunately due to toxic pollution of the land we’ve been living with through it’s history as an industrial orchard – we have decided to relocate our farm, garden and home to elsewhere. currently we are going through many transitions, so this space may be quieter until we have a base.

Sári weaves commissions so if you have a desire for something you’d like handwoven and bespoke, please get in touch.

Thank you for being here, for supporting us and watering the seeds of revolution together.