Sári Szász Komlós is an ecological weaver, a student of herbal medicine, doula and herb farmer living with unceded Gumbaynggirr land.

A desire to reclaim ways of living that honours people, our more-than-human kin and our planet has led me to growing organic food, plant medicines and weaving textiles. Remembering the skills needed to live in harmony with Nature so that future generations have a thriving planet and community to participate in inspires me daily to create with my hands, grow food, build relations with the plants and relearn traditional ways of being.

Understanding health + wellbeing as a holistic and ecological occurrence using the framework of vitalist Western Herbalism allows me to draw plants and people closer. It is a way of repairing our bodies, spirits, minds and our relationship with the evolving green consciousness of Earth. Our focus here on our small farm in the forest is growing medicinal herbs from seed to apothecary with reverence for soil, water and biodiversity. Organic + permaculture practices are at the core of our land management practices and we strive to make potent herbal plants and seasonal foods accessible to our community.

This path evolved through various animist adventures and reflections. An ongoing process of uncovering the following:

✷ How can ancestral craft and farming invite reciprocal relations with Nature?

✷ How can holistic herbal medicine guide us to vibrant health so that we can be of service to the world?

✷ How do we live and embody ways that meaningfully repair planetary wellbeing and our environment?

tending the land with medicinal plants

The weaving studio is currently relocated to our home which is a beautiful hand-built cottage. Once compacted paddocks are being regenerated using practices that centre around biodiversity, soil health and increasing water in the landscape .We relocated from the Snowy Mountains and are starting our farming enterprise all over again, in a new climate and new place. It takes time to build relations with the land but everyday we are planting seeds and giving this place our presence and love.

We imagine this landscape to be a space for land-based healing and sustainable skill nurturing for others. A place of weaving and medicine making and experimenting. Somewhere for bodies to gather to practice old ways. To reconnect and find stability, so we can use our wellbeing in service to our sacred work and in service to social + environmental justice.

Sári weaves commissions so if you have a desire for something you’d like handwoven and bespoke, please get in touch.

Thank you for being here, for supporting us and watering the seeds of revolution together.