fast fashion poem I

You are alive
in the
same way I am 
steadily rocking 
a boat made from stretched wood
You are a lover
in the 
same way I am
only your tears run straight into the
heart of the 
tide rising, falling
your breathe 
makes moist the dry air
cursing us in the desert of
the rivers we drained
for cheap cotton clothing
inland dreams of sanctuary
and home to Chinese
and back here
so we 
can go shopping
shadow billionaires
not touching the earth
from the beneath
the feet
of toes that dangle in
the Murray, tempting tiny
fish to kiss
and leap, only now they
don’t know 
where all the water has gone,
westerners wear it
in their fast fashion
images below are of the Murray darling river suffering under drought because irrigators take too much water to grow unsuitable market driven crops such as cotton, the last image is a Chinese cotton factory. All my critiques and poems come from lookng at myself my choices and sitting with all the uncomfortable complacencies and complicity. DIY culture is pagan culture is liberation. i really want to weave and make all my own clothes, buying second hand and vintage has been an important commitment the last while but for me there certainly is something necessary about knowing how to grow, process and make fibre + textile . it’s not necessary for everyone to dive as deep into the whole production as i want to but basic mending and buying second hand / more sustainable what you can feels really good because it doesn’t hurt other people.

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