Beginnings are often wedded to reflection. In our relational universe, present life and all the chances and interactions and insights which compressed inside you to form the diamond of your trajectory, are difficult and somewhat unnecessary to tease apart. As if cause and effect are within the scope of human rationalising.

The mystery is the enchantment. Still, all new phases, all new creations are an extension of something prior. Pools of memory. Interpretations. And it is an integrating practice to contemplate the story of your body, your experience, your resolve. 

This new phase for me, this website, this commitment to write and weave and share more of my philosophy and art, comes at both the end and beginning of another spiral. I’ll be 30 next year. At 22 I sensed that the decade of my twenties would revolve around wisdom and knowledge gathering.

I felt that so much of our contemporary society was broken, and that I must look to fugitive spaces, to ecologies of place and the collective life field to remember how to live wisely. I anticipate that my thirties will revolve are refining and offering. So I will start practicing now. Multiple timelines overlap and melt constantly, like rivers of raindrops at different layers of the atmosphere. 

I peek over my shoulder at the shimmering apparition of my past. The confusion of university, the travel to places filled with rooted people, the counter-culture gatherings and spaces, the gardens of food and the forests tall with elders. The whispers of my pagan ancestors. The myths within the oceanic psyche of humanity expressing themselves in cycles, conversations, synchronicity.

The last decade has really brought to stark light the necessity of living in harmony with place. How so much poverty, oppression and injustice is connected to an industrial, colonial, money driven culture and how the process of de-conditioning and moving from a ‘consumer’ to a ‘producer’ mindset can make us humble, self-sufficient and regenerative.

Fast fashion and industrial agriculture are inextricably connected. The way our food and our fibre are made has much to say about what we value and what organisations we send our resources to. The centralised, globalised force of industrial ag and fast fashion wreak havoc on economies and ecologies of place, disrupting livelihoods and causing inter-generational harm. A deep curiosity into how exploitation occurs and how to change exploitative systems led me both to the garden and to the loom.

My intention is for this platform to be a way to highlight the synergies between pagan practices and liberation. Between making with your hands, mending, growing, weaving, farming, earth worship and the practical and spiritual skills necessary for the dignified revolution many of us desire. 

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